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NQ Dry Tropics Garden

​Eyvonne, Chantel & Gloria Sturgeon with Josh Payne admiring their handiwork

​Over the past three terms, work has been completed to a section of gardens in the school grounds. In partnership with NQ Dry Tropics, an area that was once bare dirt patches has been transformed into a sensory garden. Before planting began, Mr Bojack and Mr Styles had the task of removing several palm trees and creating a path. Irrigation was also put in to the area. Mill mud was generously donated to improve the soil by Paul Walsh. The task then fell to the Learning Enhancement students to plant several different types of plants. As this garden is a sensory garden, plants either have an interesting texture, pleasant aroma, or bright colours. Planting of all the gardens took place over several months. During the last planting students were able to harvest spring onions from the garden. Turf was also laid to an area which previously had minimal grass. While this project has taken a long time to complete, everyone can agree that changes made have improved the aesthetics of the grounds.

Our thanks goes to Mr Bojack and Mr Styles for their hard work on preparing the garden, Paul Walsh for the donation of the mill mud, and of course NQ Dry Tropics. Without the funding from NQ Dry Tropics this project would not have been able to be completed. Work has commenced on our next project, the creation of a garden containing Burdekin Natives and Bush Tucker plants.  


Above: The garden bed before improvements