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Year 7 & 8 Anti-bullying session


Unfortunately bullying is an issue in most schools in Australia.  Here at Home Hill State High School, we have a zero tolerance of bullying and treat it very seriously. 

On Thursday 26 March, our school was fortunate to have a team of 8 young people from YWAM (Youth With A Mission) come to our school and deliver two one hour sessions to our year 7 and year 8 students.  These sessions addressed what bullying is, the effects of bullying on the victim, why people bully and what can be done about it.  Students heard about real-life examples of bullying and its devastating effects.  They then broke up into smaller groups to discuss in more detail how they personally may have experienced bullying in their own life or a friend's life and what they can do in the future if they witness or experience bullying themselves.  Some time was also spent addressing what cyber bullying is and how to be wise when posting on social media.  Finally, time was spent discussing how to break the cycle of bullying by supporting each other and not just being a bystander to bullying but actually doing something about it and how to do something about it. 

Overall, the message that was emphasised to students was that we can combat bullying by caring for each other and accepting each other for our differences.  At the end of the session, each student was given a 'Be a Mate' certificate which they could put their name on and sign if they wanted to.  The certificate was a pledge stating that the student would 'be a mate and look out for new friendships and to take a stand against bullying in my school'.  Students participated really well in these sessions and interacted positively during the group work.

Any students or parents that have any concerns relating to bullying should contact our school’s support staff or other staff member for guidance.